Our Services

Cost effective customised solutions in for air conditioning, hot water, refrigeration, ventilation & dust control, project management and engineering.

Air conditioning Solutions

For each project type there is an air-conditioning solution. Our experienced design engineers provide pre-site evaluations followed by a design to offer the client with a solution that will
best fit their needs.

Global Project Solutions specialises in the design and installation of VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems, Chilled water plants, package units, AHU's and single splits.

GPS designs and delivers first-class, innovative, energy efficient HVAC solutions. At GPS we know that HVAC is an indispensable component of any functioning building, whether in the commercial or industrial sector.

Hot water

Creating new and ultra-efficient hot water solutions for specific requirements is achieved through a variety of sources, such as solar, heat pumps and advanced waste heat recovery technologies. Our Eco-friendly engineering results in substantial energy saving, which is the core focus of GPS.

Refrigeration Solutions

Our offering includes a wide range of solutions in the refrigeration sector; including simplex and multiplex solutions coupled to air or water-cooled condensers. We are able to design supply and install refrigeration solutions for the commercial and industrial refrigeration sector.

Global Project Solutions understands the importance of maintaining the cold chain as it plays a critical role in preserving revenue and profits through mitigating losses on perishables. By incorporating monitoring systems into the refrigeration plant; we are able to identify problems in the system before it negatively affects the life span of your perishable goods.

Customised solutions are also available in addition to our standard range. The systems are designed to provide the client with the optimum balance between cost, performance and environmental responsibility.

Ventilation & Dust Control

With increasing concern for the environment, coupled with the global implementation of more stringent environmental laws, a need has arisen for comprehensive, consolidated pollution control solutions. Our inter-disciplinary, holistic approach enables us to advise our clients on the most cost-effective solutions for their dust control needs, leading to, not only compliance to the relevant legislation, but also a safe working environment which exceeds the minimum legal requirements.

Our in-house specialists have over 40 years of experience in all forms of dust and pollution control. We have completed a number of dust control and equipment audits in the sugar, flour, brewing and food industries for major international manufacturers where the potential for dust explosions have been mitigated or removed. We offer our clients a full range of services including auditing, design, manufacture and installation. We concentrate on resolving difficult process dust problems, efficiently and at least operational cost.

Project Management

Our highly experienced project management team ensures projects are delivered on time to specification and within agreed budgets.

Using the latest project management software, the project life cycle is managed in real time. Initially, the project scope, budget and timeline are agreed upon. Project goals are set and communicated to ensure efficient planning. Once the project plan has been established, we then conduct a full project risk assessment to identify any issues that need to be dealt with. A risk management strategy is also developed to confirm that we are equipped to address any risks that may arise. Our GBCSA approved professionals are able to offer solutions for maximum energy savings and resource utilization.


Our engineering team provide professional assistance, from the conceptual stage through to implementation and closure. With an in-house Professionally Registered Engineer; we will ensure that all SANS and SABS regulations are adhered to and signed off accordingly. Supporting documents such as detailed designs, technical specifications & drawings are supplied with each engineering project. We offer complete building solutions in line with SANS 10400.

Our Values

Our values are expressed by the duty of care we show for people, the environment and our service quality. We pride ourselves on being reliable, dependable, loyal and committed. We treat each customer with honesty and integrity.

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